Legal Tactics to Pitching Velocity

Legal Tactics to Pitching VelocityHow about some Legal Tactics to Pitching Velocity? You’ll find many hundreds of articles on-line about how to add pitching velocity, but a majority of of them are incomprehensible, as they focus mainly on upper body mechanics as the only ways to developing velocity.

Any hard thrower will explain, there is a lot more to velocity than just your arm. If you wish to see vital gains in velocity, read this entire article and also the articles linked with it. The only way you’re going to see improvements, is if you develop a good understanding of how velocity is made. Should you be similar to most every pitcher who reads these guidelines and benefits from them, in which case you must purchase the 3X Pitching Velocity Program.

This system, built on the following pointers and more, will allow you to take your skill to a level which you never thought you could attain! Remember you are bound by nothing. You have the capacity to throw 90 miles-per-hour. Doctors told me I would not be able to pitch again and I proved them entirely wrong. These tips will help you do the same.

Pitching Mechanics Gone Wrong

Pitching Mechanics Gone WrongBaseball is full of what I call pitching destructors, instead of instructors. They do more to break the pitcher down than to build him up. The problem is they see the pitcher as something other than an athlete. It takes an elite athlete to throw the ball 90+mph on a consistent basis. Yes, genetics has a lot to do with it and someone who is long, lanky and quick will have an easier time throwing 90+mph than a person who is short, stocky and slow, but genetics can be enhanced and this is the job of an instructor.

Where most pitching mechanics go wrong is when the delivery changes from a ballistic movement to a choreographed movement. Pitching is not like dancing. It is more like a broad jumping. If a pitching instructor doesn’t keep this in mind then everything can go wrong. It is very common for hard throwing high school pitchers to go to college and loss velocity instead of gain velocity. This should only happen if an injury has occurred. This should never happen unless you have a destructor for a pitching coach.